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30 Days in LA: Uber Promo Code Campaign

The following codes have a combined limit of 1,500 redemptions: 

30DaysinLA01 30DaysinLA02, 30DaysinLA03 30DaysinLA04 30DaysinLA05 30DaysinLA06 30DaysinLA07 30DaysinLA08 30DaysinLA09, 30DaysinLA17 30DaysinLA18 30DaysinLA19 30DaysinLA20. 

Red Bull may, but is not obligated to, provide updates on how many redemptions are remaining.

Each code is redeemable on a single date and between stated times as advertised by Red Bull. Good for new and existing Uber customers. To redeem the code you must have purchased a ticket for the 30 Days in LA show for that day. Good only for trips starting in Los Angeles County, CA and ending at the show venue. For a complete list of shows and venues, go to

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