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Red Bull Sound Select Presents Shows: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Red Bull Sound Select?

Red Bull Sound Select is a long-term initiative that celebrates local music and the people that push it forward: hard working artists, passionate fans, and tastemakers that shape scenes. It’s part artist development program, part event series, part digital product, part partner network, all working together to bring artists and fans closer together to break music.

How does it work?

We want to build something that’s valuable for both artists and fans, brings them closer and helps them understand what gets the other’s feet moving. For fans, this means providing a place where you can discover emerging artists, get tickets to local shows and exclusive content based on shows you’ve attended, bands you’ve listened to, tweeted about, and posted images of on your social channels. Over time, we’ll show how your efforts are helping make your favorite bands even bigger. We’ll also show artists which fans are really making a difference so they can give those fans the props they deserve.

What’s happens each month?

Each month, we host Red Bull Sound Select Presents nights in 14 cities around the US, Canada and New Zealand (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, Austin, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Toronto, Wellington and Auckland). Each show is curated by local music influencers and boasts local artists and a headlining act. 

What’s a curator?

A curator is someone who has their pulse on the music scene in the 14 cities listed above. They come from a variety of backgrounds but they all know a thing or two about finding and supporting great new artists. At each show, we ask curators to handpick the talent for the bill. You can check out the full list of curators at 

How do I get into the show?

Each month we post new show details at Select the event you’d like to attend and click “RSVP” to get a special $3 ticket to the show. If you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to join Red Bull Sound Select through Facebook connect, Twitter authorization or with an email address. Once you’re in, you’ll be on the list at the door for that $3 ticket.

Remember, the $3 ticket RSVP is first come first served, so get to the show early so you have no issues getting in the door.

How can I create an account? 

You can sign up with Facebook Connect, Twitter Authorization or a simple email address to create an account. Once you get started, you'll be asked to give info like your name and details including zip code so we can tailor content and shows for you. Don't want to create an account? Anyone who likes good music can hang out on the site, listen and discover new artists. Most Red Bull Sound Select events are open to the public at full price; just check the Terms and Conditions link on the event page for details.

What's 30 Days in LA?

30 Days in LA is one month of 60 must-see artists in 30 different venues, exclusive to Red Bull Sound Select members. All shows are in Los Angeles in November 2014. Get more details here.

What do I do if I have problems?

If you have life problems, call a friend. If you have any problems with the website, or want to tell us about your epic night, let us know by clicking the support button on the home page. This isn’t just some marketing website – we want to work with you to create something cool that keeps going. Give us your feedback, let us know what to do next, and be a part of building this with us.

I like to write about bands / take photos of bands / make videos of bands, can I share it with the RBSS community? 

Yes please! We know that those who can’t rock create content of rockers (or at least that’s how we got our jobs). If you’re on the go, tag your pics with #SoundSelect so we can see what you’re up to. If you’ve got something you want to share with the community, hit us up at 

I’m in a band / I rep a band, how can I get on the site?

Presently, we work with curators to help select and book artists each month. If you’re interested in taking part, we suggest checking out one of the Presents nights to get a feel for the scene. If you’re still into it, reach one of the curators in your city about getting involved.

Still have questions? Hit us up at

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